A Complete Exam Toolkit

Simplicity and efficiency merged into one

Discover a new way to create, administer and conduct exams using your mobile device. Forget complex exam systems or tons of paper documentation.

With ExaMS you can easily cut exam setup time significantly, minimise the risk of losing important information, and make the exam taking experience a little bit less stressful.


Key Features

Easy to Administer

With the ExaMS admin application you can easily create your own exams with custom questions and answers, and choose user permissions by role and country, using intuitive and easy to navigate design.

The statistics option lets you track the difficulty level of the exam and helps you optimize them to perfection. ExaMS keeps a comprehensive exam history in database, so you never lose track of your actions.


Examination Application

No more need to print out tons and tons of paper, just load the exam on your preferred mobile device and press start. Much easier to execute and eco-friendly, as well as less stressful for the examinee.

With its easy to navigate interface, exam takers can make corrections any time they want, go back to previous questions and keep track of the time they have left.

Create your own exam type

The Exam Types module lets you create your own unique exam by allowing you to choose the total number of questions and exam length, as well as randomize questions and answers.

All this guarantees every exam taker gets his own unique test.

Users Permissions
and Roles

How It Works

1. Create Exam

Create your own exam type, choose location, and set the exam start date and time.

2. Send Unique Code

Send a unique code to all exam takers emails, so they can access their unique exam.

3. Examination

Conduct your exam using the ExaMS application with modern design and user-friendly UI.

4. Send Exam Result

Exam results are visualized instantly on the device’s screen after clicking the submit button. Examinees can see a detailed breakdown of their work, sent automatically to their email address.

5. Generate Certificate

If the exam is passed successfully and has a paid status, a certificate is automatically generated and ready to be sent to the exam taker.

Top Reasons to Choose ExaMS

Fast and Efficient
Based on Node.js and React.js technologies using an event-driven, non-blocking I/O mode and virtual DOM. The system’s consistent and fast performance, guarantees a trouble-free exam-taking and administering process.
Responsive Design
ExaMS applications are created using a combination of flexible grids, flexible images and media queries. The administration app is fully responsive and render well on all devices and screen sizes for desktops, tablets, and phones.
Modern Interface
Aesthetics and simplify user interface with modern concept, beautiful graphic design and careful choice of typography and colors.
Great UX
Intuitive, convenient and easy to use interface, enhanced with smooth animations, to bring you great user experience.
Regular updates and bug-fixes help keep ExaMS in top shape. ExaMS support team takes care about maintenance, feature enhancements and design improvments of all ExaMS products.
Reliable Database
ExaMS stores all exams information in a document-oriented database with flexible data structure in collections that provides high performance and proven reliability.